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only direct information, for example, but intima-
tions and careless betrayals about the position
and movements of ships, troops, camps, depots of
munitions, food supplies, and false reports of
defeats and victories and coming shortages,
anything that may lead to blind panic and
hysteria, and so forth and so on. But the matter
takes on a different aspect altogether when it
comes to statements and suggestions that may
affect public opinion in one's own country or
abroad, and which may help us towards whole-
some and corrective political action.
One of the more unpleasant aspects of a state
of war under modern conditions is the appearance
-of a swarm of individuals, too clever by half,
in positions of authority, excited, conceited,
prepared to lie, distort and generally humbug
people into states of acquiescence, resistance,
indignation, vindictiveness, doubt and mental
confusion, states of mind supposed to be conducive
to a final military victory. These people love to
twist and censor facts. It gives them a feeling
of power ; if they cannot create they can at
least prevent and conceal. Particularly they
poke themselves in between us and the people
with whom we are at war to distort any possible
reconciliation/ They sit, filled with the wine of
their transitory powers, aloof from the fatigues